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We design and facilitate training programs and provide coaching services that make your organization perform. 

Our Key Products

Our leadership program aims at effecting a transformation in the life of our participants and their relationships for mutual understanding and change. It focuses on enabling participants to think and act differently through engaging and building on what is working in their organizations and communities. By focusing on what is working, leaders are enabled to address what is not working. The training challenges participants to disrupt their thinking and even question the assumptions they hold about leadership. Participants are prompted to take action and work towards the change they desire. Through our leadership development training, managers get a chance to start walking the path towards leadership. Through examining the various definitions of leadership, theories of leadership, essential qualities of a corporate leader and challenging behavior, participants are enabled to start shaping leadership skills.

Performance Management Training program is designed for managers at junior, middle and senior levels. This program empowers both organizations and individuals to set and accomplish stretching goals in pursuit of purpose. In order to gain maximum benefit the client organizations should send participants in groups of managers rather than individual managers. The programme provides management with tools for excelling in both their work and in their lives as individuals. It directs management attention and effort towards solutions within their sphere of control against a background of poorly performing economy. It aims to motivate management to maintain a positive attitude despite the prevailing negative climate. The managers are compelled to set SMARTER personal and work related goals and to implement these goals. Participants are empowered to achieve excellence by discovering their strengths and weaknesses. Ultimately the programme will assist you in building a strong team through meaningful, candid interaction which goes beyond the artificial congeniality characteristic of most teams.

Our Team building program is designed to help organizations in building high performance and cohesive teams through the introduction and development of required attributes in team members whilst focusing on supporting and monitoring execution. The program will help improve service delivery through a heightened sensitivity and concern for the customer service issues and through instilling excellence as a goal for each team member. The team building program tackles practical issues that affect the day to day operations of the team in a participatory manner that fully engages all participants and leads to concrete action commitments which we will follow up on.

A revolutionary training programme designed to completely overhaul the way a company views, listens to, communicates with, relates to, handles and profits from its customers. Starting off with a thorough investigation and assessment of the company’s service excellence quotient the training covers best practice approaches in customer service excellence and concludes with action planning.

Business Presentation Skills is about learning to communicate with fellow human beings at a fundamental level which most of us fear to reach. It helps you to develop the ability to speak so that people virtually soar on the wings of your words. This is the potency of the spoken word. It is one module out of a series of ten that is specially designed for participants to learn the skills that have been demonstrated by some of the world’s most famous speaker like Martin Luther King Jr., Sir Winston Churchill and Barak Obama. In this program, participants will learn the secrets of effective public speaking. They can unleash the orator within them. They can speak with confidence, sincerity and power to convince, inspire and motivate. That is why we call it Effective Business Presentation Skills.

Introduction to Entrepreneurship is a program designed for those people who are starting businesses, projects or any form of income generating activity. It’s a program rich with practical experience as compared to academic learning in most institutions of learning. The program pinpoints areas to focus on in developing your business and employs relevant and practical approach to transforming those areas for business growth and profitability. Through this program, we offer step-by-step Training support for all our participants as they develop their business ideas into fully fledged entrepreneurial ventures.

Motivational talks are a tool that has gained prominence in organizations that are concerned with keeping their employees motivated and, with this, increasing their performance, team spirit and effective results. Employees who are emotionally balanced, competitive, but loyal, who know how to work in teams can find motivation in a multitude of channels. Not long ago, the vast majority of organizations thought that financial incentives were the solution to motivation. How wrong they were. Some other areas where motivational talks can help, include:

  • Company Health and Wellbeing
  • Motivate to Sell and Develop New Business
  • Provide Innovative Inspiration
  • Treat and Tackle Disengagement
  • Improve Productivity
  • Challenge Employee Conflicts
  • Reduce Excessive Competitiveness
  • Reduce Employee Stress
  • Explore ‘Why’ Goals are not being Reached

The training methodology combines lectures, discussions, group exercises and illustrations. Participants will gain both theoretical and practical knowledge of the topics. The emphasis is on the practical application of the topics and as a result participant will go back to the workplace with both the ability and the confidence to apply the techniques learned to their duties. The training will help credit management and debt collection practitioners to:

  • Understand the effect of a good credit management or lack of it has on immerse consequences on both profit and liquidity of a company;
  • Review your organization’s credit and collection policies and identify areas for improvement;
  • Realise the important of a sound collection policy for effective monitoring and collecting of debts;
  • Learn practical approaches to effective debt recovery;
  • Profile your Customers for effective and efficient efforts;
  • How to manage Problematic Debt and avoid futile efforts in debt recovery
  • Learn who Debt Collection Agencies are;
  • Understand Legal Processes for recovery through legal actions;

Our professional strategic planning facilitators will help you plan, implement, and monitor your corporate, government, or non-profit organization business strategy. Our facilitators use the Appreciative Inquiry framework, The Drivers Model, the World Café methodology and Logic Model – all proven methodologies for helping an organization or business entity to construct an effective strategic plan of action for moving forward to the next level of its growth. The models employed are fully scalable and works for companies, non-profit organizations, government agencies, field offices, individual departments, work teams, and more. One thing these groups have in common is a similar group of concerns when preparing for strategic planning:


  • Establishing a clearly defined strategic direction
  • Making sure the plan is actionable
  • Aligning the organization with the priorities of the plan
  • Getting all stakeholders engaged in the process
  • Agreeing on a planning process and definitions
  • Ensuring the plan addresses specific business-related issues

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