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How to register a gas and service station company in Zimbabwe

  1. Register your company in Zimbabwe
    Register your company as a Private Limited Company.
  2. Apply for a bank account and tax clearance certificate
    The next stage is to open a company bank account for your business. Once you have a bank account you will need to get a tax clearance certificate.
  3. Apply for a business licence
    Apply for a business licence with the Local Council
  4. Register your company with EMA
    The Environmental Management Agency (EMA) is a statutory body responsible for ensuring the sustainable management of natural resources. Also, the prevention of pollution and environmental degradation. It prepares plans for the management and protection of the environment. It was established under the Environmental Management Act [Chapter 20:27] and enacted in 2002.

To register a gas or service station company in Zimbabwe requires several steps. These include incorporating the company in Zimbabwe, opening a company bank account, acquiring tax clearance and getting a micro-finance licence from the Reserve Bank of Zimbabwe.

• Produce a shop license from the Local Council.
• Produce CR6, CR5, and Certificate of Incorporation.
• EMA will visit the site where you want to allocate the gas housing structure if satisfied with the documents.
• If satisfied, EMA will issue you a Hazardous Substance Storage and Use License.

  1. Register your scale with the Trade Measures Board
    ***This stage is applicable for gas business operations only.
    The Trade Measures Board is responsible for approving the right weighing scale that can be used at a gas station. The board gives a certificate, approving the scale before it is used at a gas station.
    Requirements for registering with the Trade Measures Board
    • Go to the Trade Measures Board with the scale you want to use at the gas station.
    • The Trade Measures Board will inspect and test the scale for accuracy.
    • If the scale is approved the Trade Measures Board will issue a Certificate of Accuracy or CMET that will have the address of your of business operation area and serial number of the scale.
    • The Trade Measures Board will ask you to pay a fee depending on the capacity of the scale.
  2. Register your company with ZERA
    The Zimbabwe Energy Regulatory Authority (ZERA) is a body corporate established in terms of the Energy Regulatory Authority Act [Chapter 13:23] of 2011. Moreso, its mandate is to regulate the entire energy sector in Zimbabwe. In a fair, transparent, efficient and cost-effective manner for the benefit of the consumers and energy suppliers.

• ZERA provides you an ER 2 Form.
• Fill and submit the form to ZERA.
• Bring your company registration certificate.
• There is a need for a certified copy of the Applicant’s Identity Document.
• Produce the certified copy of incorporation and CR6, CR5 and CR2.
• Produce a certified copy of lease agreement/ Title Deeds.
• Hazardous substance storage and use license from EMA.
• Produce a local authority certificate which includes a fire certificate.


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