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How to register a pharmacy in Zimbabwe

There are several stages to register a pharmacy in Zimbabwe. It’s important to lay the proper foundation for your business at the very beginning to avoid any inconveniences down the road. You need to register your company first and then apply for licences in order to operate legally.

1. Register your pharmacy as a Private Limited Company

•             Zimbabwe has two types of companies you can register. Make sure to register the pharmacy as a PLC. Here is where you can go to begin the registration process for a Private Limited Company.

2. Apply for a shop license

•             Apply for a shop licence using our processing services.

3. Register with the Health Professions Authority (HPA)

•             Download an application form at or visit HPA offices.

•             Fill and submit your form to HPA.

•             Once received at HPA the practitioner must pay the relevant registration fee.

•             The HPA will conduct the inspection within 2 weeks of receiving the application.

•             Urgent inspections may be conducted for an additional fee.

•             It is an offense for practitioners to start operating prior to HPA inspection and approval.

•             When satisfied, the health institution will be registered and issued with a registration certificate.

•             The HPA certificate is valid for the one calendar year.

Practitioners should ensure that the registration certificate is displayed in a prominent place within the institution (Section 106(i) of the Act). Failure to display the certificate will attract a penalty.

4. Register with Medicine Control Authority (MCAZ)

The next stage is to register your pharmacy with the MCAZ. MCAZ is responsible for protecting public and animal health. This body ensures that medicines, allied substances, and medical devices are safe, effective and of good quality through enforcement of adherence to standards by manufacturers and distributors.

•             MCAZ requires a Health Professions Authority license.

•             Complete the MC-8 form by the MCAZ.

•             Complete dossiers according to MCAZ guidelines.

•             If you satisfy MCAZ, they issue you the Medicines Control Authority of Zimbabwe licence.

5. Register with Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe (PCZ)

The Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe requires particulars of the applicant.

•             Produce your professional qualification.

•             If the Pharmacists Council of Zimbabwe is satisfied, they issue a pharmacist practicing certificate and a license.


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